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    1. 大連網站建設
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      時間:2014年01月06日 信息來源:網絡

      成功簽約Odyssey Roadmark Co.,Ltd, 網站建設

       Odyssey Roadmark Co.,Ltd, established in 1991 at biggest petro and natural gas original city, Daqing city in China. It covers over 50 square mails and run 8 full sets glass beads production line. We are the first and only one who are using COLD-DUEL TECHNOLOGY manufacturer for now in China. We invented our patent, COLD DUEL ADHESIVE, which can adhere glass beads and silicon oil in low temperature. This technology makes glass beads obtained transparent coat, high reflective index, high level hardness, water resistance etc. Coated glass beads will 95% floating on water surface which ensure best performance of drop-on road marking. This advantage gains us good reputation in glass beads market. Our cargo sells to Europe, America, Africa, South East Asia and Mid East Area. Even in captious India we won over 10 loyal customer such as Jayanti Construction Chemical Inc. etc.









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